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LodgingWe have a new comfortable lodge with all the amenities that you will stay in during your hunt.

Our Lodge - You will stay in our spacious lodge located in South Eastern Colorado.

Our modern well appointed lodge can comfortably accommodate a group of up to 6 hunters.

Modern well appointed kitchen and dinning area with 2 bathrooms and hot showers for the 'rush hour'.

A big-screen TV in lounge room with Satellite TV & Wi-Fi with all the hunting and sport channels.

A pool table in Game room for passing time in evenings & in between ​​hunts.

The lodge sits outside town of Elbert County east of Castle Rock CO.

Pick up available from Colorado Springs Airport. (Denver Airport by arrangement)

From the porch, it’s common to view deer, elk and other wildlife throughout the day. Plan to dine on a delicious home cooked meal after a long day of hunting. Meals consist of breakfast which is a continental style. Lunch is sack style in the field unless we are close to town. In the evenings relax and enjoy delicious home cooked meals with dessert. Soft drinks and water are supplied.The privately owned ranches that we hunt are only minutes away offering ample time in the mornings and evenings to get set-up and wait for the “magic hour”.

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Food - Continental Breakfast, you prepare your own sack lunch with a variety of sandwich fixin's and snacks to get you through the day. Then come back to camp for a good old home cooked meal in the evening. We provide all your non-alcoholic drinks.

We take care of all the field dressing of your animal along with caping for the taxidermist.

For an extra charge, ​On-site & customized meat processing is available at Main lodge by Rob Lewis via his one of a kind, mobile meat processing trailer.
For fees contact Rob Lewis at (303) 908-1027


​​​​​​​​​~ One guide for every 2 hunters.

~ We will be happy to pick you up from the Colorado Springs Airport, or work with you to arrange transportation from the Denver International Airport.

~ You will be hunting all private land leased exclusively to Kiowa Creek Outfitters LLC.

~ We have no trophy fees or sliding scales, one price for one great hunt.

~ We will assist you in getting the proper paperwork to apply for your tag.

~ The license fees/tag are entirely your r

Our Crew - Kiowa Creek Outfitters is a group effort between friends and their families drawn together by their shared passion of the outdoors and guiding.

Hunting is not just a hobby for this crew; it's a way of life. We "cut our teeth" hunting western big game at early ages…it's in our blood. We feel very fortunate to live and hunt in an area that grows some of the biggest mulies and elk in the country, and we enjoy sharing that experience with others.

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We are a Family owned business and welcome you & your family to come join us. 

​Hunting is what we do together and what we are all about!  
Future Guides in training;
 Our Family Hunts...  It's  just what we love to do... 
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